Hello 2010!

2009 was a bad year for our colective. Finally, we couldn’t make it to Budapest as we expected. Since then, no one knew if Europe Photobloggers was going to die or continue as always. Chrys moved to the USA, the site was hitted by spam and nobody seemed interested in continuing with the project. After a few mails with Chrys, we decided that Barcelona Photobloggers was going to design a new simple site and try to continue with the anual meetups.

The new site will have two purposes:

1. List and promote all the Europe based photoblogs
2. Organize a meetup every year.

We are using Facebook to discuss about the next 2010 meetup. Take a look to this thread and say what you think about it.

If you want to help somehow, please, contact us. We would really appreciate it. We already have lots of work with our local collective.

We want to seize the oportunity to be grateful with Chrys for his support.

See you soon in…

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