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Vienna 2014

HALLO Photobloggers! The annual meetup is coming soon. Are you ready? It will take place in Vienna, the gorgeous capital of Austria, on September 19-21st. Our friend Andy is taking care of all the organization. He’s an awesome host, so we are pretty sure this meetup is going to be awesome. This man is bringing […]

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Bucharest 2013

2013 Europe Photoblogger Meetup

Last September we enjoyed the city of Budapest by the hand of Balázs Sprenc. He prepared an awesome visit to the tunnel that is being constructed under the Danube and also guided us around the city. It was really nice to meet again some photobloggers who attended previous meetups and also meet more photography lovers […]

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Budapest 2012

We are happy to announce that the Europe Photobloggers Meetup is back! It will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 14-16th September 2012. We are currently planning the meetup. The schedule will be announced on the 2012 Europe Photobloggers Meetup page. If you want to help us somehow, contact us. Follow us on Facebook or […]

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Hello 2010!

2009 was a bad year for our colective. Finally, we couldn’t make it to Budapest as we expected. Since then, no one knew if Europe Photobloggers was going to die or continue as always. Chrys moved to the USA, the site was hitted by spam and nobody seemed interested in continuing with the project. After […]

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