Europe Photobloggers Meetups

2013 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » Bucharest2012 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » Budapest 2008 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » Barcelona 2007 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » Berlin 2006 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » Amsterdam 2005 Europe Photoblogger Meetup » London

Each year we organize a weekend-long meetup in a major city somewhere throughout Europe. If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ve probably noticed that it’s afterwards, normally over dinner and drinks, that the social networking and collaboration really takes place. That’s why it was decided early on to use the term “meetup” instead of “conference”.

The city is really the first deciding factor in picking where to meet – it has to be somewhere that we know will have plenty of great photo opportunities.

Equally important is someone to help organize the event. Normally, he/she is a fellow photoblogger who volunteers their own time to help out.

The local photoblog community is really the third part of the puzzle. People would love to meet in the Alps, or on the coast, but it wouldn’t be to meet other photobloggers!

Where should we organize the next meetup? Discuss it on Facebook!